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The Winter Blues or Something More?

How are you feeling? Today is Bell Let’s Talk Day. So let’s talk. How are you doing? Is everything okay? Or are you struggling a little bit (or a lot) right now? According to the Canadian Mental Health Association 15% of folks suffer from the winter blues. If you have the winter blues you might … Continue reading The Winter Blues or Something More?

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Eating My Frogs (no actual frogs were harmed)

I first heard of the concept of ‘eating your frogs’ through the Brian Tracy book, Eat That Frog. The idea comes from a Mark Twain quote “If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. If it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to … Continue reading Eating My Frogs (no actual frogs were harmed)

Some Days Are Just Bad Days (and that’s okay)

Yesterday, I started writing a post entitled, New Year, New Possibilities. It was positive and upbeat. However, partway through my writing there were a few interruptions and things that needed my attention. At some point I began to feel drained. Then something a little more happened. My heart began to flutter, my chest felt tight, … Continue reading Some Days Are Just Bad Days (and that’s okay)

Happy 2021

This morning a picture came up in my Facebook memories and I remembered how 1 year ago today I was driving across the country on my way home from the woods of Quebec. The picture was taken in the middle of northern Ontario. Though I have done cross country trips several times now, I always … Continue reading Happy 2021

101 Things in 1001 Days

Do you set new year’s resolutions, goals, or aspirations? Or do you prefer not to bother with any of that? My habit had always been to set aspirations each year. A few years ago though I stumbled onto the idea of 101 Things/Goals in 1001 days. The idea is simple. List 101 things you would … Continue reading 101 Things in 1001 Days

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12 Days of Yoga- December 20-31

Some extra virtual classes to nurture ourselves through the holidays.  December 20- Winter Solstice Sun Salutation Class 4pmDecember 21- Winter Solstice Yin Class 7pmDecember 22- Nurturing Foot Massage 7:30pm on ZoomDecember 23- Yoga Joy (a class of some of people’s favourite poses)  5pmDecember 24- Christmas Eve Yin  7pmDecember 25- Christmas Morning Meditation 9:30amDecember 26- Saturday … Continue reading 12 Days of Yoga- December 20-31


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