You Are Good Enough

How do you feel about your body? In my university studies I came across some staggering statistics. Looking through several reports I learned the majority of women are unhappy with their bodies. Though percentages varied in different reports, the lowest one I found was 80% of women are unhappy with their bodies. Some studies reported … Continue reading You Are Good Enough

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Morning Routines

This summer I aimed to cultivate a nurturing and nourishing morning routine to start my days. Before beginning I had a few ideas in mind, but also did some online searches and looked to people who inspire me. Before I share what has become my morning routine I want add a couple words of encouragement. … Continue reading Morning Routines

Meditation—Just Do It

Do you know what I believe to be the best meditation practice? The one that works for you. That’s it. As I go deeper into my personal meditation practices I have been reflecting on my own meditation journey. I know with certainty that I had to start small and start easy. That’s what worked for … Continue reading Meditation—Just Do It

How Well-Resourced Are You?(and how we can work on that this weekend)

How well-resourced are you? I love this question. This is a question I first heard while working through a course led by Mark Walsh. Often our society celebrates the ‘work hard, play hard’, ‘go big or go home’, ‘all or nothing’ type attitude. But does that ethos help or hurt? By Mark asking participants in … Continue reading How Well-Resourced Are You?(and how we can work on that this weekend)

Summer Schedule

Summertime and the living is easy…. But we still need to get a little physical activity into our days 🙂 When June arrives we’ll shift to our summer schedule. Virtual classes continue. Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday you can join us live over on Facebook at 6am (Saskatchewan time) for a Yoga Flow class (approximately … Continue reading Summer Schedule


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