Some Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has been a strange journey for me. I always had a sense it was good for me, but also resisted doing it for so long.

That doesn’t really seem to make sense. Perhaps, for me the resistance was fear based. I worried too much if I was doing it right. Whenever I gave it a small try, I always felt I was doing it wrong.

Slowly, over time I allowed myself to let go. I allowed myself to try meditation with less judgement. I won’t pretend that it was easy. Meditation is a practice. Like with anything, the more you practice the more little successes you will have.

I continue my meditation practice. Some days are easy, some days are more challenging. Yet, I keep showing up. One reason that I continue is I have found a meditation practice to benefit my life. Below are some benefits I have experienced.

-Learning to experience and enjoy the moment (and isn’t that what life is? just a whole bunch of moments)

-Increased self-awareness

-Increased confidence

-More focus and discipline

-Greater feelings of calm

-Accessing imagination and creativity

-Being able to look at challenging situations with patience and compassion

-Deeper breathing into the body

-Better sleep

I often encourage people new to meditation start with just 1 minute. That is how I started. I would also encourage you to try to set aside a block of time, perhaps 2 weeks or 1 month. In this time, play with this a practice, see where it might take you, and what benefits you might enjoy.


  1. Mark S · August 6, 2021

    I find meditation very helpful. I think Thich Nhat Hahn also suggested that you start with just a few minutes a day and see what happens. Thanks for sharing!

    • DLeduc · August 11, 2021

      I have really adored the writings of Thich Nhat Hahn

  2. Stuart Danker · August 7, 2021

    Oh yeah, people tend to aim for 20 minutes for their first time then wonder why they can’t stick to it. For some people, even sitting cross-legged is a challenge on its own. Anyway, great post and recommendation on the 1-minute start. Thanks for sharing!

  3. James Sweeney · October 22, 2021

    Awesome post! Great job 🙂

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